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Estaban and Christina Villagas

Spanish Bible Study Leaders

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I and my wife have been married for about 5 years now, with three beautiful daughters Aubrie, Sophia, and Emma. I met my wife when i gave my life to Christ and began attending the potters house at the age of 19. When I decided to give my life to the lord I wanted it to be exactly that, my life given to the lord, I love reading the Word of God and sharing Christ with those with open hearts. God spoke to me early on to be faithful with the small things, to set myself low and wait for him to lead me, I and my wife now enjoy the privilege to minister to the youth of our congregation.

I believe that youth of this generation can live godly lives an go on to be lamps in dark places. My desire is to see young people saved and mature into men and woman of god that will be gods instruments of salvation in these last days we are living in. Im excited to see all that god has for us in the days to come we have great hope in our lord Jesus Christ.