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THE NURSERY IS STAFFED by trained and screened volunteers. Each nursery time has a lead volunteer who is responsible for the signing in and out of the children who attend. Our adult-to-child ratio is at most 1 to 4. Health and safety procedures are followed in our nursery to ensure all children are cared for and loved with the highest standards.

How Do I Check In My Children?

We desire to keep a secure environment for our children. When you arrive at church nursery area, you will be asked to register your child (ages birth to 3 years) and any information you want us to know about allergies, potty-training, bottles, and more. Our trained personnel will check your child in through our security process.

Each child will receive a tag that we pin on their clothing that has a unique number on it. You will receive a duplicate tag with the same identifying number. If you are checking in more than one child, a unique numbered tag is used for each child.

Should a parent be needed during the Worship Service, their number will appear on a screen in the auditorium. Please do not check in with your child unless your number appears as it often creates havoc for the childcare workers when you leave again. We also have a childcare worker that continuously floats between the Worship Service and the Nursery area with a two-way radio for enhanced safety and ensured flow of your child's care.

Only the parent that checked-in the child is allowed to pick up the child at the end of the service, however if another parent or guardian is going to pick up the child you must indicate that at check-in time as we will not release your child to ANY unauthorized individuals. When picking up your child from the nursery area, you will be asked to give the corresponding number to the care providers. Please pick up your children within 15 minutes at the close of service.