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Nathaniel and Samantha Baleanu have been married since December of 2012. Together they have 2 children. Nathaniel comes from a broken home, and thanks be to God he was able to grow up in the potters house Moreno Valley from the age of 4. Samantha was born in Brooklyn N.Y. But moved to California at a young age and was able to grow up in the same church. Almost 20 years later, God was able to raise them up to serve in multiple ministries in the church, including: drumming and singing on the worship team, sound and outreach ministries and now leading the youth ministry called The Awakening youth bible study.  They want to thank God for the opportunity and grace extended to them.

Sunil and Jasmine Vishwanauth have been married and in ministry together for three years. They serve as The Awakening Youth Group's assistant leaders. Sunil was born and raised in New York City. He has been saved and attending the Potters House of Moreno Valley for over 10 years. He also ministers as one of our church's worship leaders as well as ushering and preaching in regular services. He works as a Construction Technician for the Southern California Gas Company. Jasmine grew up in Southern California. She was saved February 11th, 2011. She also serves in our worship team, nursery, and as a Sunday school teacher. She currently works as an in-home caregiver.